Classroom and Student Policies

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Privacy Matters

Mz. Tutor understands that, in today's world, the privacy of the student has to be protected to the highest degree. For that reason, we have adopted the the Educational Standards prescribed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Under these guidelines only the student, and if applicable, the student's parents/guardians have rights to any records that are kept about the student and student's progress, No personal or financial information will be passed on without EXPLICIT and DIRECT written authorization of the student and the parent/guardian(s). 

Aiming to make both students and parents feel secure; we take "Private Tutor" to mean exactly that...Private.

The Honor Code Matters

As an educator in the role of a tutor, it is very important to Mz. Tutor to adhere to the strict guidelines of the "Honor Code" used in most schools today. Work will not be completed for the students. As a private tutor, it is necessary and required for each student to come to the session prepared to learn how to do the work that was assigned to them as part of their education, and to complete the work to the best of their ability. Perfection is not a requirement. The most important thing is that the student tries and that they stay focused on reaching their goals.

Plagiarism Matters

While Mz. Tutor does not check specifically for plagiarism in essays unless requested, it is important to note that most plagiarism is very easy to spot. In the capacity of being a private tutor in today's education system, reporting plagiarism is not required, however, it must be addressed immediately in the session at which it is discovered.  The students are expected to immediately correct the issue once it is pointed out to them, and Mz. Tutor will work hand-in-hand with the student to fix it. Since there are so many methods for writers to avoid plagiarism, no allowance will be made for the ideas of another author to remain in a paper without proper citations.

Respect Matters

It is very important for the student and the tutor to feel safe and secure in every lesson. For that reason, Mz. Tutor has a strict anti-bullying policy. Mz. Tutor treats each student with respect, courtesy and professionalism, and expects the same from her students, in and out of class. To be clear, as a private tutor service, bullying and failing to be respectful will cause an end to the session and all future sessions. Education is important and so is a good character; Mz. Tutor tries to help the students with both.

Decency Matters

As a private tutor, Mz. Tutor has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of profanity, violence, or anti-social behavior of any kind, whether it be in speech, writing, or pictorial.  Mz. Tutor expects the best behavior of the students and parents. Sessions are approached with boundless patience for students and/or parents having a bad day: Hey, we've all been there! However, the total breakdown of classroom decorum, a complete lack of focus on education, and/or a failure to use respect and manners is not acceptable behavior and will result in an immediate ending to a session, and even dismissal as a student.  As a private tutor who works primarily online, Mz. Tutor often has to try to help students through the stress, anxiety, and even fear, of tests, homework, and social problems; but that can only happen if everyone works together as a team.

Courage Matters

While Mz. Tutor does not expect perfection, there is an expectation of at least an 'attempt' at even the most uncomfortable assignments. One important class philosophy for students is: Be courageous enough to make mistakes! Our mistakes often teach us more than our correct answers. I personally belive it is better for a student to come to a lesson with every answer wrong so we can walk through them together than it is to give up before they even started. Education is an exercise of bravery, and as a private tutor, the focus of student encouragement is to try, and if it's wrong, then let's try it again.

Privacy Policies

Mz. Tutor works to protect all visitors and clients who visit the website and social sights.  Click on the link to read the full policy.