My Workstyle Test Results

The Visionary

Great job Melek Zeynep Oyludag! You are a Visionary!

'Visionaries' are mostly proactive. They are willing to keep being focused on the goals they had set, without being distracted. They are likely to work with new ideas and unique solutions. 'Visionaries' don't like to waste any energy. Instead, their strength is in heading straight to the point using even unusual, non-conventional techniques.

Your key behavioral strengths:

Innovator: Comes up with unusual ideas

Instant Solutions: Avoids unnecessary steps

Reflective: Restarts cautiously

PLANNING: You are a person of action. You don't like to spend excessive time on preparation

PROBLEM-SOLVING: When you face difficulties, you try to find a quick fix. However, this might prevent you from correctly identifying the actual problem.

INGENUITY: There are situations when you leave everyday solutions behind and come up with something new. You have the ability to create something unique.

GOAL ORIENTATION: You easily adapt to the workflow and enjoy the process itself, but because you may get too absorbed, so you sometimes don't go directly towards the goal.

RESILIENCY: When you get an unexpected impression, you just stop for a while to reconsider your decisions.

PERSEVERANCE: Deciding between what is nice to have and what must be done is one of your strong suits. You try to choose those tasks which are more important and focus on hem.

PRECISION: You'd rather concentrate on the "big picture", but you are also interested in the details. It's an advantage that you don't easily get stuck in the details.

SPEED: You consider your steps carefully. You don't like working on the edge or being rushed.

EFFICIENCY: ou like to focus on your work as much as you can, not bothering with how much energy you have to put into it.

Your problem-solving style 

How do you plan your way to find a solution? 

How direct/straight is your way towards a solution? 

How commonly used is your solution?

Your ideal workplace

You always have your eye on the goal and you're not afraid of leaving the beaten path to get it. Imagining the desired outcome inspires you more than working out the details.


You will find your place easily in an organization where you can have a say in the long-term goals and projects. Be innovative but don't forget your limitations. Ask your more detail-oriented colleagues to help you in executing your ideas.


You can easily predict the outcomes of the projects right at the beginning. You are able to stay focused and motivated even for a longer period of time. Companies need people like you who have unique contributions to their processes.

'Visionaries' are mostly proactive. They are willing to keep being focused on the goals.
'Visionaries' are mostly proactive. They are willing to keep being focused on the goals.

Other famous "visionary" people like you:



You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi


I have a dream...Martin Luther King 


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt