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My Background & Education

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I converted to Islam in 1994. For the most part, things went rather quietly, right up until September 11, 2001. Everything I thought I knew about Islam came into question, and I did not have the answers. The struggle was real, and painful, to know that someone high-jacked my religion, but not be able to explain how or why.  One thing was clear, though, there was no place in America for me to go to learn anything beyond the basics of Islam as an adult, as a woman, and as a convert. I decided that it was something I needed to change...immediately. 

So by 2004, I went for the summer to Istanbul, Turkey. I was a guest of the Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Girl's Quran School. I stayed there for one month, and when I left I knew I had to find a way back. Sure enough, I returned the following year and stayed there for two years. My full-time student schedule spanned across all of the Islamic "Sciences", including the Quran and the history of Islam. I  graduated by the end of 2006 and spent several months teaching the subjects that I learned. Since then, I have returned several times to teach, to take new classes, and to help translate books.

After returning to the states, I took my education even further by completing a minor in Religious Studies and Middle East Studies as part of my BA i History through Oklahoma State Unversity.  As part of this training, I took courses in comparative world religions and spiritualism. These were the grounding part of my history studies as well, as by studying the religions of a place I grow to understand depths if its political and social understanding that I did not have prior

I spent several years as a featured writer for the Wisdom Magazine, as an after school Quran teacher, and as a teacher for adult education for new Muslimahs: lady Muslim converts. I now want to take these skills to the internet and teach them online for people who are not as able to attend traditional Sunday schools or mosque classes. private tutor Islamic education online tutoring

Classes for Children & Adolescents

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Online Books Provided

Quran Reading

Beginning Arabic and Grammar

Meaning of the Quran 


The Beautiful Child Coloring Book Series

The character of the Prophet for Children

Life of the Prophet 

History of the Prophets of the Quran

I Love My Beautiful Religion

My Beloved Prophet (saw)

Islamic Studies (Grade 1-6) Darussalam

My Faith Islam (Grade 1-5) Darussalam

The Story of Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, & Issa

Classes for Teen & Adult Women

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Online Books Provided

 Quran Reading

 Beginning Arabic and Grammar  

 Meaning of Quran - Ibn Kathir

Tafsir, Meaning of the Quran - Erkam



Islam - Spirit and Form (Pillars of Faith and Beliefs) 

Islamic Creed (High School)

Life of the Prophet (saw)

Let Us Learn Islam - Hanifi (7th - 10th grade)

Islamic Studies - (6-12 grade)

Wives of the Prophet (Lady Adult & Teen) 

Principles for LIfe from the Prophet (saw)

Ethics of the Prophet (saw)

History of Islam (High School and Adult) 

History of Religions (High School)

History and Application of Fiqh 

Detailed Fiqh of Prayer - 5 Schools of Thought 

History and Application of Hadiths

History of the Prophets of the Quran

History and Tenets of Islamic Spiritualism (Adult Only) 

12 Questions Posed by the Youth

Chain of the Prophets Mentioned in the Quran

Islam for the New Muslims

The Lessons of the Surah Joseph

A Muslim's Beautiful Character

Journey to Eternity - Death, Grave, Afterlife

The Universe, the Quran, and the Human

Tasavvuf - The Reality of Islamic Spiritualism

Cleaning of the Heart and Avoidance of Sin